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BACKGROUND In the management of hearts with deranged laterality, it is essential that the left and right atrial chambers are correctly identified. There are two major approaches, which are based on venous connections or on the morphology of the atrial appendages, and there is no consensus as to which is the most useful. We used the iv/iv mouse mutant, which(More)
Left-right is not an axis in the conventional sense but rather two mirror-image proximodistal axes, upon which a quantal piece of positional information (leftness or rightness) is superimposed for laterally asymmetric organ development. We are attempting to establish the stages at which left-right is specified and determined, but this is complicated by the(More)
This paper introduces a new method, bed actigraphy (BACT) for user-friendly sleep-wake monitoring. BACT provides a non-intrusive acquisition of activity data, and in particular does not require that sensors be attached to the subject's body. The system consists of four load-sensing cells supporting the bed, an A/D converter, and a microcontroller with(More)
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