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During the transition from pregnancy to lactation, dairy cows experience a 70% reduction in plasma IGF-I. This reduction has been attributed to decreased hepatic IGF-I production. IGF-I circulates predominantly in multi-protein complexes consisting of one molecule each of IGF-I, IGF binding protein-3 and the acid labile subunit (ALS). Recent studies in the(More)
Many differentially methylated genes have been identified in prostate cancer (PCa), primarily using candidate gene-based assays. Recently, several global DNA methylation profiles have been reported in PCa, however, each of these has weaknesses in terms of ability to observe global DNA methylation alterations in PCa. We hypothesize that there remains(More)
BACKGROUND Cell transdifferentiation is characterized by loss of some phenotypes along with acquisition of new phenotypes in differentiated cells. The differentiated state of a given cell is not irreversible. It depends on the up- and downregulation exerted by specific molecules. RESULTS We report here that HCCR-1, previously shown to play an oncogenic(More)
It has been known that adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) at the physical layer can be combined with a truncated automatic repeat request (ARQ) at the data link layer so as to maximize the spectral efficiency under prescribed delay and error performance constraint. In this paper, we consider the same joint design approach when incremental redundancy-based(More)
  • Zekuan Xu, Yi Zhang, Jiakai Jiang, Yang Yang, Ruihua Shi, Bo Hao +4 others
  • 2010
BACKGROUND Human cervical cancer oncoprotein 1 (HCCR-1), reported as a negative regulator of p53, is over-expressed in a variety of human cancers. However, it is yet unknown whether HCCR-1 plays any role in pancreatic cancer development. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of epidermal growth factor on the expression of HCCR in pancreatic(More)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most frequent malignant tumors in the world. The only serological marker widely used for the diagnosis of HCC is alpha-fetoprotein (AFP). Despite that AFP is widely used for the diagnosis of HCC, it has a limit as a serological marker due to its low sensitivity and specificity. The human cervical cancer(More)
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