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BACKGROUND Anti-apoptotic proteins, such as Bcl-2 and Bcl-xL, are frequently over-expressed in human malignancies, and this is correlated with resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs and gamma- radiation. Recently identified small organic molecules capable of inhibiting Bcl-2 and/or Bcl-xL function, may enhance radiation sensitivity of cancer cells in which(More)
Priority queues are essential data structures found in numerous applications such as discrete event simulations, where a priority queue plays the paramount role of managing the pending event set. This paper describes an efficient, robust and stable priority queue structure based on the newly proposed MList. This new structure known as the Dynamic Cost-based(More)
A new combined equalization/synchronization technique, known as SC-PMC (self-convoluting partial mass center), for use in partial response systems is presented. The work is significant as the new technique utilizes a single tap delay line LMS (Least Mean Square) filter for performing the task of equalization and synchronization for the partial response(More)
A priority queue plays an important role in stochastic discrete event simulations for as much as 40% of a simulation execution time is consumed by the pending event set management. This article describes a new form of tree-based priority queues which employs the demarcation procedure to systematically split a single tree-based priority queue into many(More)
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