Jin Tan

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In wireless sensor networks, a majority voting scheme is proposed by us to identify the suspicious node. We take the cluster-head as the counter and see attested node as the voter. The attested information will be collected and counted by the cluster-head. The final voting result that is generated by the majority voting principle decides on the authenticity(More)
This paper describes a frequency domain approach for evaluating the impact of tower shadow and wind shear effects (TSWS) on tie-line power oscillations. A simplified frequency domain model of an interconnected power system with a wind farm is developed. The transfer function, which relates the tie-line power variation to the mechanical power variation of a(More)
Finding cached data in cooperative caching system for mobile ad-hoc networks is a very important in order to save the energy, bandwidth of communication and to improve accessibility of data. Because the address of cached node (destination) is unknown, the expanding ring search (ERS) methods in multi-hop wireless environment are not suitable for routing(More)
—RC5 receives a wide range of favor and support in security protocols of low-speed wireless networks (LSWN). In order to further study whether RC5 applies to LSWN, this paper simulates two kinds of LSWN model that includes RC5 algorithm and without RC5 algorithm through the OMNeT++ simulator. By comparing the performance of the two kinds of LSWN model, such(More)
The motors with fluctuating mechanical loads exist widely in power systems. Once these motors are connected to power systems through voltage source inverters (VSI), the stator interharmonic currents caused by fluctuating mechanical loads will pass through VSIs and inject into power systems. This paper analyzes the interharmonic currents generated by the(More)
With adaptive band-pass filter to extract the work of the ultrasonic transducer fundamental base wave signal, to obtain the phase difference between current and voltage, then the fuzzy control method according to the phase displacement to achieve automatic frequency tracking (AFT), through the current control actuator output amplitude, so constant, accurate(More)
An embedded multi-function communications control system is designed for data acquisition and processing in this paper. It consists of two parts by hardware and software. The main applications of the system are monitoring the environment of base station for mobile communications and telecommunications terminal board room. This system can deal the data(More)
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