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Like many technologies, low-cost Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems will become pervasive in our daily lives when affixed to everyday consumer items as “smart labels”. While yielding great productivity gains, RFID systems may create new threats to the security and privacy of individuals or organizations. This paper presents a brief description of(More)
CBIR makes a wide use of histogram based methods for image indexing. Histograms describe the global intensity distribution of images. They are very easy to compute and are insensitive to small changes in object translations and rotations. However, they are not robust to large appearance changes, and they might give similar results for different kinds of(More)
Steganography is a technique to hide secret information in some other data (we call it a vessel) without leaving any apparent evidence of data alteration. All of the traditional steganographic techniques have limited information-hiding capacity. In this paper, we proposed a new method of the adaptive steganography using complexity on bit planes of color(More)
In anomaly intrusion detection, how to model the normal behavior of activities performed by a user is an important issue. To extract the normal behavior as a profile, conventional data mining techniques are widely applied to a finite audit data set. However, these approaches can only model the static behavior of a user in the audit data set. This drawback(More)
BACKGROUND Few clinical studies have clarified the prognostic factors that affect clinical outcomes for patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) after immunochemotherapy. METHODS A total of 158 patients with relapsed or refractory DLBCL were enrolled. All patients underwent positron emission tomography/computed tomography(More)
Color histogram is widely used for image indexing in content-based image retrieval (CBIR). A color histogram describes the global color distribution of an image. It is very easy to compute and is insensitive to small changes in viewing positions. However, the histogram is not robust to large appearance changes. Moreover, the histogram might give similar(More)
The mobile mapping system using the vehicle equipped the GPS, IMU, CCD Camera is the effective system for the management of the road facilities, update of the digital map, and etc. If the geographic information which is acquired by the mobile mapping system can be transmitted in real-time, users can process what they want using latest data. We have(More)