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OBJECTIVES It remains unclear as to whether routine central neck dissection (CND) is necessary when performing surgery to treat patients with papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC). To determine the necessity for routine CND in PTMC patients, we reviewed the clinicopathologic and laboratory data of the patients of PTMC. METHODS Between September 2001 and(More)
BACKGROUND Papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC) is defined as a papillary thyroid carcinoma less than or equal to 1.0 cm in size. Independent prognostic factors for clinical recurrence of PTMC have not been clearly delineated. METHODS Clinicopathological parameters predicting PTMC recurrence were determined by retrospective analysis of 307 patients. (More)
BACKGROUND Hyperthyroidism relapse in Graves disease after antithyroid drug (ATD) withdrawal is common; however, measuring the thyrotropin receptor antibody (TRAb) at ATD withdrawal in order to predict outcomes is controversial. This study compared measurement of thyroid stimulatory antibody (TSAb) and thyrotropin-binding inhibitory immunoglobulin (TBII) at(More)
BACKGROUND Second-generation thyroglobulin immunometric assays (Tg-IMAs) have been developed with improved sensitivity. Our aim was to compare the diagnostic value of Tg-IMA measurements using a Kryptor (BRAHMS AG) kit (Tg-K) and an ACCESS (Beckman Coulter) kit (Tg-A) with that of the first-generation Tg measurement using a Tg-plus (BRAHMS AG) kit (Tg+). (More)
PURPOSE Postinjection transmission positron emission tomography (PET) may be useful for shortening the total scan time. In this study, the effect of post-transmission scanning was assessed using PET on a phantom (NU4) and actual rat brain. METHODS Transmission was performed using (57)Co for 15 min. After a 15-min pre-transmission scan, emission PET was(More)
Congenital hepatic fibrosis is a relatively rare disease of children and young adults characterized by hard hepatomegaly, portal hypertension with relative preservation of liver function and underlying architecture, and frequent renal involvement. We experienced 3 cases of congenital hepatic fibrosis with Caroli's disease in 3 siblings, whose clinical(More)
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