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This paper presents a novel buffer management scheme for portable media players equipped with flash memory. Though flash memory has various advantages over magnetic disks such as small and lightweight form factor, solid-state reliability, low power consumption, and shock resistance, its physical characteristics imposes several limitations. Most notably, it(More)
In most operating systems which are customized for disk-based storage system, the replacement algorithm concerns only the number of memory hits. However, flash memory has different read and write cost in the aspects of time and energy so the replacement algorithm with flash memory should consider not only the hit count but also the replacement cost caused(More)
In NAND flash-based storage systems, an intermediate software layer called a flash translation layer (FTL)is usually employed to hide the erase-before-write characteristics of NAND flash memory. This paper proposes a novel superblockbased FTL scheme, which combines a set of adjacent logical blocks into a superblock. In the proposed FTL scheme, superblocks(More)
Various scientific computations have become so complex, and thus computation tools play an important role. In this paper, we explore the state-of-the-art framework providing high-level matrix computation primitives with MapReduce through the case study approach, and demonstrate these primitives with different computation engines to show the performance and(More)
In this article, a novel FTL (flash translation layer) architecture is proposed for NAND flash-based applications such as MP3 players, DSCs (digital still cameras) and SSDs (solid-state drives). Although the basic function of an FTL is to translate a logical sector address to a physical sector address in flash memory, efficient algorithms of an FTL have a(More)
We employ the CRISPR-Cas system of Streptococcus pyogenes as programmable RNA-guided endonucleases (RGENs) to cleave DNA in a targeted manner for genome editing in human cells. We show that complexes of the Cas9 protein and artificial chimeric RNAs efficiently cleave two genomic sites and induce indels with frequencies of up to 33%.
Communication performance between two processes in their own domains on the same physical machine gets improved but it does not reach our expectation. This paper presents the design and implementation of high-performance inter-domain communication mechanism, called XWAY, that maintains binary compatibility for applications written in standard socket(More)
Editing plant genomes without introducing foreign DNA into cells may alleviate regulatory concerns related to genetically modified plants. We transfected preassembled complexes of purified Cas9 protein and guide RNA into plant protoplasts of Arabidopsis thaliana, tobacco, lettuce and rice and achieved targeted mutagenesis in regenerated plants at(More)
For distributed applications requiring collaboration, responsive and transparent interactivity is highly desired. Though such interactivity can be achieved with optimistic replication, maintaining replica consistency is difficult. To support efficient implementations of collaborative applications, this paper extends a few representative abstract data types(More)
As NAND flash memory becomes increasingly popular as data storage for embedded systems, many file systems and database management systems are being built on it. They require an efficient index structure to locate a particular item quickly from a huge amount of directory entries or database records. This paper proposes μ-Tree, a new ordered index structure(More)