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—ARM TrustZone, which provides a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), normally plays a role in keeping security-sensitive resources safe. However, to properly control access to the resources, it is not enough to just isolate them from the Rich Execution Environment (REE). In addition to the isolation, secure communication should be guaranteed between(More)
General-Purpose computing on a Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) involves leveraging commodity GPUs as massively parallel processing units. GPGPU is an emerging computing paradigm for high-performance and data-intensive computations such as cryptographic operations. Although GPGPU is an attractive solution for accelerating modern cryptographic operations,(More)
In this papec we proposed methods for scheduling multimedia soji real-time tasks in open system environment. We discussed about two issues, guaranteeing the schedulability of every task in the application and meeting the QoS of midtimedia soji real-time tasks. First, when a real-time application is composed of heterogeneous task set, hard real-time tasks(More)
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