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BACKGROUND Mucormycosis is a rare and life-threatening invasive fungal infection. Pulmonary mucormycosis commonly occurs in patients with severe neutropenia. Typically, pulmonary mucormycosis causes tissue necrosis resulting from angioinvasion and subsequent thrombosis, so most cases can occur with necrotizing pneumonia and/or hemoptysis. Some complex cases(More)
Desmoplastic small round cell tumor (DSRCT) is a rare and aggressive malignancy with a poor outcome that occurs in adolescents and young adults; <200 cases of DSRCT have been reported. Renin-producing tumors are also rare and cases of extrarenal renin-producing tumors are even rarer. The present study describes the case of a 20-year-old male that was(More)
INTRODUCTION Condyloma acuminatum are caused by human papillomavirus. Giant condyloma acuminatum is a locally invasive, destructive, and large sized mass. Risk factors for the development of giant condyloma acuminatum include an immunodeficient state, such as human immunodeficiency virus infection, post-organ transplantation, or post-allogeneic bone marrow(More)
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