Jin-Song Wang

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In this paper, we construct a class of (p(p + 2),p + 3,3p + 4) binary sequence family with low correlation and large linear complexity, where p and p + 2 are twin primes and p = 3 mod 4. This sequence family is generated by interleaving two Legendre sequences of period p and p+2, respectively. The balance properties of such family is evaluated, and for most(More)
Temperature characteristics of a quartz resonant force sensor are important features, which should be seriously considered in the sensor’s practical application. This paper analyzes the temperature characteristics of a quartz resonant force sensor and presents a self-temperature-testing method for the sensor by analyzing the different temperature(More)
This text puts forward to a kind of varying universe and switching rules of fuzzy controller, compared with past fuzzy rules once concerned which carrying on in only a rule data base. And by MATLAB simulation proved this kind of method realized no over adjusting control and responded faster speed.
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