Jin Shui Yang

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Heading date in rice (Oryza sativa L.) is a critical agronomic trait with a complex inheritance. To investigate the genetic basis and mechanism of gene interaction in heading date, we conducted genetic analysis on segregation populations derived from crosses among the indica cultivars Bo B, Yuefeng B and Baoxuan 2. A set of dominant complementary genes(More)
The lignite biodegradation procedure to produce water-soluble humic materials (WSHM) with a Penicillium stain was established by previous studies in our laboratory. This study researched the effects of WSHM on the growth of Bradyrhizobium liaoningense CCBAU05525 and its nodulation on soybean. Results showed that WSHM enhanced the cell density of CCBAU05525(More)
The study on the genetic basis of heterosis has received significant attention in recent years. In this study, using a set of introgression lines (ILs) and corresponding testcross F(1) populations, we investigated heterotic loci (HL) associated with six yield-related traits in both Oryza sativa L. subsp. indica and japonica. A total of 41 HL were detected(More)
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