Jin-Shin Chen

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1. ABSTRACT 3D collision detection is the most time-consuming component of many geometric reasoning applications. Any improvements on the efficiency of the collision detection module may have a great impact on the overall performance of these applications. Most efficient collision detection algorithms in the literature use some sort of hierarchical bounding(More)
Cells respond to environmental stress by inducing translation of a subset of mRNAs important for survival or apoptosis. CHOP, a downstream transcriptional target of stress-induced ATF4, is also regulated translationally in a uORF-dependent manner under stress. Low concentration of anisomycin induces CHOP expression at both transcriptional and translational(More)
Polypharmacy is common in the elderly due to multimorbidity and interventions. However, the temporal association between polypharmacy and renal outcomes is rarely addressed and recognized. We investigated the association between cardiovascular (CV) polypharmacy and the risk of acute kidney injury (AKI) in elderly patients.We used the Taiwan National Health(More)
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