Jin-Shieh Su

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In this paper, we consider the inventory problem without backorder such that both order and the total demand quantities are triangular fuzzy numbers QI "(q 1 , q 0 , q 2 ), and RI "(r 1 , r 0 , r 2 ), respectively, where q 1 "q 0 !* 1 , q 2 "q 0 #* 2 , r 1 "r 0 !* 3 , r 2 "r 0 #* 4 such that 0(* 1 (q 0 , 0(* 2 , 0(* 3 (r 0 , 0(* 4 , and r 0 is a known(More)
In this article, we use the fuzzy concept to consider the reliability of serial system and the reliability of parallel system. Since the population reliability Rj of the subsystem Pj (j = 1, 2, ..., n) is unknown, if we use the point estimate j R to estimate Rj from the statistical data in the past, we don’t know the probability of the error j R − Rj.(More)
In this paper, we propose an encryption algorithm to encrypt plaintext to cipher text. We apply the basic computing operations, e.g., inserting dummy symbols, rotating, transposition, shifting and complement, in the proposed algorithm to encrypt plaintext to cipher text. The cipher text contains the plaintext, relative data and tables of encryption and(More)
Thousands of web pages rapidly expand every day, and the diversifications of web templates make us difficult to extract the contents of web pages. In this study, we proposed a classifying web page templates model based on fuzzy k-means clustering method. This model can automatically collect the web pages, generate several kinds of web pages templates,(More)
Both seasonal demand r and total demand R in the production inventory model are difficult to estimate precisely to actual r0 and R0 values, respectively. Hence, we will set the membership grade at r0 and R0 in an interval [λ, 1], 0 < λ < 1, and then, obtain the interval-valued fuzzy sets r̃ and R̃, respectively. For each production quantity period q, we can(More)
In this paper, we propose a performance analysis of resource allocation model for grid resources under the grid computing environment. By the proposed model, we can make all grid nodes be load-balancing. The proposed model can detect the grid nodes resource status about CPU usage and memory usage, analyze the grid nodes resources load grades, and make the(More)
In this paper, we use level (&#x003BB;,1) interval-valued fuzzy numbers to consider the fuzzy price and the fuzzy revenue in economic problem. Using signed distance to defuzzify, we can get the demand function and revenue function in fuzzy sense. What follows is that we can find the maximum revenue in fuzzy sense.