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Experimental exchange of grins between quantum Cheshire cats
The authors experimentally demonstrate how a particle's spin can be permanently separated and exchanged with that of another particle, and shed new light on comprehension of the ontology of observables.
Experimental Test of the State Estimation-Reversal Tradeoff Relation in General Quantum Measurements
When a measurement has limited strength, only partial information, regarding the initial state, is extracted, and, correspondingly, there is a probability to reverse its effect on the system and
On-Demand Generation of Single Silicon Vacancy Defects in Silicon Carbide
Defects in silicon carbide have been explored as promising spin systems in quantum technologies. However, for practical quantum metrology and quantum communication, it is critical to achieve on-dem...
Quantum Storage of Three-Dimensional Orbital-Angular-Momentum Entanglement in a Crystal.
The results pave the way towards the construction of high-dimensional and multiplexed quantum repeaters based on solid-state devices and the multimode capacity of rare-earth-based optical processors goes beyond the temporal and the spectral degree of freedom, which might provide a useful tool for photonic information processing.
Experimental demonstration of photonic entanglement collapse and revival.
It is shown that entanglement can be revived even after it suffers from sudden death, and a maximally revived state is shown to violate a Bell's inequality with 4.1 standard deviations which verifies its quantum nature.
Ultrasensitive phase estimation with white light
An improvement of the scheme by Brunner and Simon [Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 010405 (2010)] is proposed in order to show that quantum weak measurements can provide a method to detect ultrasmall
Experimental violation of the Leggett-Garg inequality under decoherence
These generalized LG inequalities test the evolution trajectory of the photon and are shown to be maximally violated in a coherent evolution process and can be used to set a boundary of the classical realistic description.
Optimization of power broadening in optically detected magnetic resonance of defect spins in silicon carbide
Defect spins in silicon carbide have become promising platforms with respect to quantum information processing and quantum sensing. Indeed, the optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) of defect
Demon-like algorithmic quantum cooling and its realization with quantum optics
A universal pseudo-cooling method based on a Maxwell-demon-like swapping sequence is proposed. A controlled Hamiltonian gate is used to identify lower energy states of the system and to drive the
Measuring a dynamical topological order parameter in quantum walks
It is shown and experimentally observed that split-step quantum walks admit a characterization in terms of a dynamical topological order parameter (DTOP) that describes the behavior of the particle’s wavefunction during the walk, thereby linking quantum effects to physical spatial measurements.