Jin Shan Zhang

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The sorption of VOCs by different building materials can significantly affect VOC concentrations in indoor environments. In this paper, a new model has been developed for simulating VOC sorption and desorption rates of homogeneous building materials with constant diffusion coefficients and material-air partition coefficients. The model analytically solves(More)
Low frequency electroacupuncture, which is commonly used in pain relief, is known to induce opioid-mediated analgesia. This study examined the contribution of the opioid system in mediating the anti-inflammatory effects of low frequency EA in a standard model of acute inflammation, the carrageenan-induced edema model. Carrageenan was injected in the hind(More)
We report anisotropic expansion of self-assembled colloidal polystyrene-poly(dimethylsiloxane) crystals and its impact on the phonon band structure at hypersonic frequencies. The structural expansion was achieved by a multistep infiltration-polymerization process. Such a process expands the interplanar lattice distance 17% after 8 cycles whereas the(More)
SUMMARY-We evaluated the therapeutic outcome of CT-guided ozone treatment for cervical disc herniation. All 86 patients with cervical spondylosis including myelopathy (37 cases), radiculopathy (30 cases), and sympathetic type (19 cases) were treated with ozone injection under CT guidance. The puncture route was anterolateral from the neck to the disk. A(More)
In this report we describe detailed procedures for carrying out single crystal X-ray diffraction experiments with a diamond anvil cell (DAC) at the GSECARS 13-BM-C beamline at the Advanced Photon Source. The DAC program at 13-BM-C is part of the Partnership for Extreme Xtallography (PX^2) project. BX-90 type DACs with conical-type diamond anvils and backing(More)
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