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This paper addresses the effects of ambient exposure of a polycrystalline Au electrode prior to making contact with the hole-transport material N,N 0-diphenyl-N,N 0-bis (1-naphthyl)-1,1 0-biphenyl-4,4 0-diamine (a-NPD). Ultraviolet pho-toemission spectroscopy (UPS) and current–voltage (I–V) measurements are used to investigate the resulting hole barrier and(More)
Anisotropic conductive lm (ACF) has been used as interconnect material for at-panel display module packages, such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in the technologies of tape automated bonding (TAB), chip-on-glass (COG), chip-on-lm (COF), and chip-on-board (COB). Among them, COF is a relatively new technology after TAB and COG bonding, and its requirement(More)
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