Jin S. Zhang

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Low frequency electroacupuncture, which is commonly used in pain relief, is known to induce opioid-mediated analgesia. This study examined the contribution of the opioid system in mediating the anti-inflammatory effects of low frequency EA in a standard model of acute inflammation, the carrageenan-induced edema model. Carrageenan was injected in the hind(More)
Classical two-variable symmetries play an important role in many EDA applications, ranging from logic synthesis to formal verification. This paper proposes a complete circuit-based method that makes uses of structural analysis, integrated simulation and Boolean satisfiability for fast and scalable detection of classical symmetries of completely-specified(More)
The sorption of VOCs by different building materials can significantly affect VOC concentrations in indoor environments. In this paper, a new model has been developed for simulating VOC sorption and desorption rates of homogeneous building materials with constant diffusion coefficients and material-air partition coefficients. The model analytically solves(More)
—Simulation and Boolean satisfiability (SAT) checking are common techniques used in logic verification. This paper shows how simulation and satisfiability (S&S) can be tightly integrated to efficiently compute flexibilities in a multilevel Boolean network, including the following: 1) complete " don't cares " (CDCs); 2) sets of pairs of functions to be(More)
Detecting support-reducing bound sets is an important step in Boolean decomposition. It affects both the quality and the runtime of several applications in technology mapping and re-synthesis. This paper presents an efficient heuristic method for detecting support-reducing bound sets using two-cofactor symmetries. Experiments on the MCNC and ITC benchmarks(More)
This paper presents a numerical approach for simulating volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from dry materials. The approach has been used to examine the VOC emissions from two particleboards. The emission study for the particleboards shows that a fairly good agreement of VOC concentrations between the model prediction and experimental data can be(More)
We propose a frequency-dependent sensitivity model for analog blocks and a noise injection model for digital blocks in application to early design planning of Mixed-Signal System-on-Chips (MS-SOCs). We assume no precise layout information about IP cores is available. We also propose an empirical formula for separation-dependent coupling between large-area(More)
—This paper describes linear cofactor relationships (LCRs), which are defined as the exclusive sums of cofactors with respect to a pair of variables in Boolean functions. These relationships subsume classical symmetries and single-variable symmetries. The paper proposes an efficient algorithm to detect LCRs and discusses their potential applications in(More)