Jin-Qiu Yang

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TSP is a well-known NP-hard problem. Although many algorithms for solving TSP, such as linear programming, dynamic programming, genetic algorithm, anneal algorithm, and ACO algorithm have been proven to be effective, they are not so suitable for the more complicated large scale TSP. This paper offers a method to decompose the large-scale data into several(More)
Increasing evidence indicates that in gastric epithelial cells, induction of TFF3 by hypoxia is mediated by HIF-1. Since VEGF is one of the most important angiogenic factors on cancer progression, we have started to investigate the possible link among HIF-1α, VEGF, and TFF3 in gastric cancer cells. We induced the hypoxic condition in SGC-7901cells using(More)
Classic genetic algorithm is not suitable to solve traveling salesman problem, because the encoding of the traveling salesman problem is either the permutations of the cities or the combinations of edges, which can not be directly operated by ordinary crossover or mutation operators. This paper introduces a novel encoding for traveling salesman problem,(More)
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