Jin-Myung Cha

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The primo vascular system is a novel circulatory system forming a network throughout an animal's body. Primo vessels were recently observed in the fourth ventricle of the brain and in the spinal cord of a rat by using fluorescent nanoparticles. In order to quantify the nanoparticles in the primo vessels, we measured the florescence of the nanoparticles and(More)
The primo vascular system was found in the epineurium along the rat sciatic nerve following subcutaneous injection of fluorescent nanoparticles at the Zusanli acupoint (ST-36). Nanoparticles were injected into the primo-vessel near ST-36 and flowed along the sciatic nerve. Fluorescence revealed a structure in the epineurium that was hardly detectable.(More)
The removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from aqueous media was investigated using Thiobacillus novellas cells immobilized on a SiO2 carrier (biosand). The optimal growth conditions for the bacterial strain were 30 degrees C and initial pH of 7.0. The main product of hydrogen sulfide oxidation by T. novellus was identified as the sulfate ion. A removal(More)
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