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Neuropathy is observed in 50% of diabetic patients with diabetic foot. This study attempted to explore the potential role of human mesenchymal stem cells-umbilical cord blood (hMSCs-UC) in femoral nerve (FN) neuropathy. The model rats were established by one time administration of streptozotocin and empyrosis on the dorsal hind foot. At 3d, 7d, 14d after(More)
Cysticercosis is a significant public health problem in countries where pigs are raised for consumption and remains an important cause of neurological disease worldwide. The Philippines is considered an endemic area for cysticercosis because cases in both humans and pigs have been reported; however, epidemiologic information stays limited. We conducted a(More)
Innate immune response plays the key role in initiating and guiding the immune response. Elucidating the innate immune related molecular events involved in the interaction between the parasite and the host will aid in the development of an effective vaccine and anti-schistosome pharmaceuticals. In this study, we examined the regulatory effect of Schistosoma(More)
A series of dithiocarbamate-3-epi-jaspine B hybrids have been designed and synthesized from D-xylose based on the introduction of long lipophilic alkyl dithiocarbamate moieties at the C4 position of 3-epi-jaspine B. The anticancer activities of these compounds have been evaluated against two selected tumor cell lines (MGC-803 and B16-F10 cells), with most(More)
Melanosis coli (MC) refers to the condition characterized by abnormal brown or black pigmentation deposits on the colonic mucosa. However, the histopathological findings and genes associated with the pathogenesis of melanosis coli remain to be fully elucidated. The present study aimed to examine the histopathological features and differentially expressed(More)
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