Jin-Lin Liu

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Using the generalized Bernardi-Libera-Livingston integral operator, we introduce and study some new subclasses of univalent functions. We also investigate the relations between these classes and the classes which are studied Certain inequalities for p-valent mero-morphic functions with alternating coefficients based on integral operator, Aust. The Hardy(More)
Let S s (α) (0 ≤ α < 1/2) be the class of functions f (z) = z +··· which are analytic in the unit disk and satisfy there Re{zf (z)/(f (z) − f (−z))} > α. In the present paper, we find the sharp lower bound on Re{(f (z) − f (−z))/z} and investigate two subclasses S 0 (α) and T 0 (α) of S s (α). We derive sharp distortion inequalities and some properties of(More)
Product surface inspection plays a significant role in industrial aspects. Large industrial manufacturing requires such inspection procedure of high speed and accuracy at a fairly reasonable cost, which is precisely the demand automatic surface inspection systems are applied to meet. In this paper, we have constructed a vision system prototype employing(More)