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This article presents the analysis and simulation of UHF RFID system. The simulation is divided into the transmitter and receiver part using Matlab/Simulink. The architecture of the model is described in details, and is flexible to achieve different modulation and encoding types. Finally, some results of the simulation are presents
This paper gives an overview of the EDDIE project. It describes the principles and applications of EDDIE in making financial decisions, including applications to share prices and indices forecasting and arbitrage. EDDIE is designed as an interactive decision tool, not a replacement of expert knowledge. Experts channel their knowledge into the system through(More)
We briefly review the mathematics in the coding engine of JPEG 2000, a state-of-the-art image compression system. We focus in depth on the transform, entropy coding and bitstream assembler modules. Our goal is to present a general overview of the mathematics underlying a state of the art scalable image compression technology.
We briefly review the mechanics in the coding engine of the JPEG 2000, a start-of-the-art image compression system. The transform, entropy coding and bitstream assembler modules are examined in details. Our goal is to enable the readers to have a good understanding of the modern scalable media compression technologies without being swarmed by the details.
Model transformation rules are the central part of model transformation. Many model transformation approaches provide some mechanisms to construct transformation rules in industrial and academic research. However, transformation rules are typically created manually in these approaches. As far as we know, there are no complete solutions that construct(More)
Localization has been an important issue along with the development of context-aware systems applicable to dynamic mobile environment. In this article, we deployed indoor positioning experiment on positioning platform of CC2431 based on Zigbee wireless sensor networks. In real environment we study the positioning accuracy with respect to different channel(More)
The correctness of model transformation is an import research field in model-driven architecture. Syntactic correctness and semantic consistency are hot topics in the field of model transformation. Syntactic correctness has many mature solutions. However the validation of semantic consistency has some problems. Therefore, how to validate semantic(More)
Pilot-assisted channel estimation has been studied only in common cooperative AF (Amplify-and-Forward) OFDM which has no feedback mechanism. In this paper, for cooperative AF-OFDM system, we propose a feedback technique in which the pilot allocation mechanism is adapted to the cooperative mobile channel. Then we show how uniform pilots may no longer be(More)