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Converging lines of evidence from rabbits, rats, and humans argue for the crucial involvement of the cerebellum in classical conditioning of the eyeblink/nictitating membrane response in mammals. For example, selective lesions (permanent or reversible) of the cerebellum block both acquisition and retention of eyeblink conditioning. Correspondingly,(More)
Glutaryl 7-aminocephalosporanic acid acylase (GCA, EC is a member of N-terminal nucleophile (Ntn) hydrolases. The native enzyme is an (alpha beta)(2) heterotetramer originated from an enzymatically inactive precursor of a single polypeptide. The activation of precursor GCA consists of primary and secondary autoproteolytic cleavages, generating a(More)
Biomarkers enable early diagnosis, guide molecularly targeted therapy and monitor the activity and therapeutic responses across a variety of diseases. Despite intensified interest and research, however, the overall rate of development of novel biomarkers has been falling. Moreover, no solution is yet available that efficiently retrieves and processes(More)
We demonstrate an electrically pumped high contrast grating (HCG) VCSEL operating at 1550 nm incorporating a proton implant-defined aperture. Output powers of >1 mW are obtained at room temperature under continuous wave operation. Devices operate continuous wave at temperatures exceeding 60° C. The novel device design, which is grown in a single epitaxy(More)
Peroxiredoxin (PRX) is a crucial antioxidant protein that protects against endogenously produced peroxides in prokaryotes to eukaryotes. To date, 6 different isoforms have been identified in mammals. In this study, we describe the first members of the PRX protein family to be characterized in Chicken. Through bioinformatics analysis, we observed that at(More)
Structural coloration produces some of the most brilliant colors in nature and has many applications. Motivated by the recently proposed transparent displays that are based on wavelength-selective scattering, here we consider the new problem of transparent structural color, where objects are transparent under omnidirectional broad-band illumination but(More)
Despite their great promise, small experimental thermopho-tovoltaic (TPV) systems at 1000 K generally exhibit extremely low power conversion efficiencies (approximately 1%), due to heat losses such as thermal emission of undesirable mid-wavelength infrared radiation. Photonic crystals (PhC) have the potential to strongly suppress such losses. However,(More)
Refsum disease is an autosomal recessive neurologic disorder of the lipid metabolism. Major diagnostic clinical findings include retinitis pigmentosa, peripheral polyneuropathy, cerebellar ataxia, increased cerebrospinal fluid protein without pleocytosis, nerve deafness, and cardiac involvement. We have identified a novel protein (PAHX-AP #1) associated(More)
Experiment on the mating behavior of male albino rats paired with receptive females established that in comparison with control animals, males under the influence of ginseng (a) began ejaculation earlier and repeated the action more often in a 45-minute observation period and (b) deposited more copulation plugs in 10 days. The data suggest that ginseng(More)
The study was planned to see if the hippocampus has an influence on fast wave sleep (FWS) as well as on slow wave sleep (SWS). From 8 male cats EEG, EMG and EOG were recorded for 24 h, first under normal conditions, secondly after cortical damage to the dorsal marginal portion of posterior ectosylvian gyrus, and thirdly following hippocampectomy done(More)
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