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Abstruct-While the performance of flash memory exceeds hard disk drives in almost every category, the cost of flash memory must come down in order to gain wider acceptance in mass storage applications. This paper describes a 3.3 V-only 32 Mb NAND flash memory that achieves not only high performance but also low cost with a 94.9 mm2 die size, improved(More)
The full duplex communication is a spotlighted technology as a most promising solution that can solve channel capacity problem in wireless network. In the future, the device to device(D2D) communication can be considered to reduce the load of network. Furthermore, the centralized network have advantages in collision ratio. For these reasons, we propose a(More)
— A 256Gb NAND flash device includes eight stacked 32Gb MLC die and a 16.2mm 2 HLNAND interface chip providing a 300MB/s synchronous DDR point-to-point ring topology system interface. Four internal busses supporting both 40MHz asynchronous NAND or 133MHz toggle mode NAND allow independent, concurrent operation of the MLC die. The device features data(More)
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