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There is much literature in the area of emergency response management systems. Even so, there is in general a lacuna of literature that deals with the issue of measuring the effectiveness of such systems. The aim of this study is to develop and validate an instrument to measure the critical factors that contribute to the efficiency of decision support in(More)
Governments worldwide are eagerly anticipating a digital future with the proliferation of information system applications, but assimilation of such enterprises could be a potentially formidable challenge. Assimilation of e-government systems by organizations is important for business value creation. Despite significant investments in e-government systems,(More)
Congenital syphilis occurs when Treponema pallidum crosses the placenta during pregnancy or from contact with an infectious genital lesion during delivery. Cutaneous manifestations of congenital syphilis are relatively common, occurring in approximately 30% to 70% of patients. Maculopapular lesions, vesiculobullous lesions, condylomata lata lesions, annular(More)