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An efficient method for generating a smooth spline surface over an irregular mesh is presented in this paper. Similar to the methods proposed by [1–4], this method generates a generalised bi-quadratic B-spline surface and achieves C 1 smoothness. However, the rules to construct the control points for the proposed spline surfaces are much simpler and easier(More)
This paper introduces a 3D surface reconstruction method from serial parallel slices of cross-sections. Depends on the contour shape we get a series of regular points. The density of the points reflects the change of the contour shape, and then corresponding knot vectors and control points are generated from these points. Define a flexible space to compute(More)
The article is a structural analysis about a new space probe-solar sail. The model was designed and generated by our group, and it has been produced and deployed successfully on ground. The loads on outer space was introduced and expressed with equation. As a special state, the largest load around earth was used to analyze the model by the finite element(More)
In this paper, Dill's classical exposure model for positive photoresist is generalized to fit negative photoresist. Based on Dill's model, the differences between positive and negative photoresist is analyzed and then the equations of chemical kinetics inside the SU-8 negative photoresist are established. To consider the scattering and refraction of light(More)
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