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Free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) caused by UV exposure or other environmental factors are critical players in cellular damage and aging. In order to develop a new anti-photoaging agent, this work focused on the antioxidant effects of the extract of tinged autumnal leaves of Acer palmatum. One compound was isolated from an ethyl acetate(More)
BACKGROUND A possible prothrombotic effect of elevated thyrotropin (TSH) has been suggested. The mean platelet volume (MPV), which is used to measure the platelet size, can reflect platelet activity. Although limited and inconsistent data regarding the effects of thyroid function on the MPV are available from small-scale case-control studies, no study has(More)
Regulatory T cell (Treg) from mice bearing a breast tumor were elevated (tumor Treg). In vitro, whereas tumor Treg ability to inhibit tumor-primed CD4(+) T cell activity is comparable to Treg from naive mice (naive Treg), only tumor Treg suppress naive CD8(+) T cell activation and DC function. Neither tumor Treg nor naive Treg can suppress antitumor(More)
We report new examples of lipoic acid (LA)-peptide conjugates, their potential as codrugs having anti-melanogenic and anti-aging properties was evaluated. These multifunctional molecules were prepared by linking lipophilic moiety (LA) to the pentapeptide KTTKS. The inhibitory effect of LA-peptide conjugates on melanin synthesis and tyrosinase activity is(More)
The rapid growth and ruthless metastasis of tumors demand effective broad immune responses. Dendritic cells (DCs) are critical in developing tumor vaccines. Recent investigations have been focused on modifying tumor antigens to target DCs to induce immune responses efficiently in vivo. In this study, human hsp70 was fused to the extracellular domain of rat(More)
Administration of anti-CD25 mAb before an aggressive murine breast tumor inoculation provoked effective antitumor immunity. Compared with CD4(+) T cells purified from anti-CD25 mAb-pretreated mice that did not reject tumor, CD4(+) T cells purified from anti-CD25 mAb-pretreated mice that rejected tumor stimulated by dendritic cells (DCs) produced more(More)
Direct in vivo administration of a lentiviral vaccine has been shown to transduce dendritic cells (DCs) in order to induce antigen-specific CD8+ T cell responses, but the efficacy of antitumor immunity has not been reported. In this study we tested whether direct in vivo administration of a lentiviral vaccine can induce selfantigen- based therapeutic(More)
We evaluated the agreement between HbA1c- and FPG-based criteria for screening of diabetes in an asymptomatic Korean population and identified independent factors associated with discordance. The discordance between the two diabetic criteria was significantly associated with obesity and older age.
Mean platelet volume (MPV), which is used to measure platelet size, can reflect platelet activity. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the relationship between MPV and fasting plasma glucose (FPG) according to glucose tolerance (GT) status in a general population. We retrospectively studied 3098 Korean adults who underwent voluntary regular(More)
Atherothrombotic complications are important causes of morbidity and mortality in diabetic patients. Diabetes has been considered to be a prothrombotic status. Several factors contribute to the prothrombotic condition, such as increasing coagulation, impaired fibrinolysis, endothelial dysfunction, and platelet hyperreactivity. Among the factors that(More)