Jin Hua

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Resveratrol (RE), a phytoestrogen, has antiestro-genic properties. Estrogen plays a key role in the development and progression of pituitary prolactinoma. Moreover, RE is a potent cancer chemopreventive agent that inhibits the initiation, promotion and progression of carcinogenesis. The present study investigated the antitumor effects of RE on GH3 pituitary(More)
Interferon (IFN) has therapeutic potential for a wide range of infectious and proliferative disorders. However, the half-life of IFN is too short to have a stable therapeutic effect. To overcome this problem, serum immunoglobulin has been fused to IFN. In this study, the efficacy of serum immunoglobulin fused INFs (si-IFN1 and si-IFN2) was evaluated on(More)
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