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Global Stability of Complex-Valued Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Delays
  • Jin Hu, J. Wang
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning…
  • 3 May 2012
This paper presents several sufficient conditions derived to ascertain the existence of unique equilibrium, global asymptotic stability, and global exponential stability of delayed complexvalued recurrent neural networks with two classes of complex-valued activation functions. Expand
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Global uniform asymptotic stability of memristor-based recurrent neural networks with time delays
  • Jin Hu, J. Wang
  • Computer Science
  • The International Joint Conference on Neural…
  • 18 July 2010
Memristor is a newly prototyped nonlinear circuit device. Its value is not unique and changes according to the value of the magnitude and polarity of the voltage applied to it. In this paper, aExpand
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Design method for electromagnetic cloak with arbitrary shapes based on Laplace's equation.
In transformation optics, the space transformation is viewed as the deformation of a material. The permittivity and permeability tensors in the transformed space are found to correlate with theExpand
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Effect of carriers on sludge characteristics and mitigation of membrane fouling in attached-growth membrane bioreactor.
This study aims to investigate the effect of carriers on membrane fouling. Three sets of submerged membrane bioreactors (MBRs), including one suspended-growth MBR, called SMBR, and twoExpand
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Application of Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis in Biomass to Liquid Conversion
Fischer–Tropsch synthesis is a set of catalytic processes that can be used to produce fuels and chemicals from synthesis gas (mixture of CO and H2), which can be derived from natural gas, coal, orExpand
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Site-specific in situ growth of an interferon-polymer conjugate that outperforms PEGASYS in cancer therapy.
Conjugating poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG), PEGylation, to therapeutic proteins is widely used as a means to improve their pharmacokinetics and therapeutic potential. One prime example is PEGylatedExpand
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Catalytic conversion of syngas to mixed alcohols over Zn-Mn promoted Cu-Fe based catalyst
Abstract Zn-Mn promoted Cu-Fe based catalyst was synthesized by the co-precipitation method. Mixed alcohols synthesis from syngas was studied in a half-inch tubular reactor system after the catalystExpand
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Oleic acid (OA)-modified LaF3 : Er,Yb nanocrystals and their polymer hybrid materials for potential optical-amplification applications
Oleic acid (OA)-modified LaF3 : Er,Yb nanocrystals (NCs) have been prepared and investigated. The OA-capped nanocrystals have a nearly spherical shape with a mean diameter of 7 nm and show excellentExpand
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One-step synthesis of highly water-soluble LaF(3):Ln(3+) nanocrystals in methanol without using any ligands.
Water-soluble infrared-to-visible fluorescent LaF(3) nanocrystals doped with different lanthanide ions (Er(3+)/Yb(3+), Eu(3+), Nd(3+), Tb(3+)) have been synthesized in methanol without using anyExpand
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Formation mechanism and corrosion resistance of the hydrophobic coating on anodized magnesium
Abstract A hydrophobic coating is electrodeposited on the surface of anodized magnesium. Two stages are observed on the current density vs. time curve during the electrodeposition process. They areExpand
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