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The Proportional Conflict Redistribution (PCR) rules based on Dezert-Smarandache theory (DSmT) is a useful method for dealing with uncertainty problems. It is more efficient in combining conflicting evidence. Therefore, it has been successfully applied in identity identification. However, there exist shortcomings in PCR rule. So in this paper we propose a(More)
The research on identity identification of high conflicting evidence is a popular and difficult problem. Proportional conflict redistribution rules are a kind of effective method for dealing with high conflicting evidence. The series of proportional conflict redistribution rule (PCR1 to PCR6) are introduced and analysed in this paper. Experiments show that(More)
Considering that the Dempster rule of combination in evidence theory has disadvantages while dealing with highly conflicting evidence, a novel two-level combination method for fusing conflicting evidence is proposed in this paper. Distinguishing between highly conflicting evidence and lowly conflicting evidence, the method adopts the PCR6 rule based on DSmT(More)
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