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This paper describes a framework we have developed for the visual analysis of large-scale phylogeny hierarchies populated with the genomic data of various organisms. This framework allows the user to quickly browse the phylogeny hierarchy of organisms from the highest level down to the level of an individual genome for the desired organism of interest.(More)
An experiment was conducted to evaluate apparent (AID) and standardized (SID) ileal digestibilities of crude protein (CP) and amino acids (AA) with 6 soybean products in weaning pigs. A total of 14 weaning barrows with an initial body weight of 6.54 ± 0.34 kg were fitted with T-cannula at the distal ileum and allotted to 7 diets containing various soybean(More)
Vitamin D is a secosteroid hormone with many varied functions including regulation of blood calcium levels, cell proliferation, immunity, and reproduction in mammals. Vitamin D is activated by 25-hydroxylase (CYP2R1) and 1-alpha-hydroxylase (CYP27B1) and is degraded by 24-hydroxylase (CYP24A1). Vitamin D is transported by vitamin D-binding protein(More)
OBJECTIVE This experiment was conducted to investigate the influence of rapeseed meal (RSM) supplementation in weaning pig diet on growth performance, blood profile, carcass characteristics and economic analysis on weaning to finishing pigs. METHODS A total of 120 cross bred ([Yorkshire×Landrace]×Duroc) weaning pigs were allotted to 5 treatments in a(More)
The rainbow tradeoff is an algorithm for inverting one-way functions that is widely used in practice to recover passwords from unsalted password hashes. An auxiliary technique referred to as checkpoints can be applied to the rainbow tradeoff to reduce the time taken for these inversions. Working out a rigorous theory that can explain and predict the effects(More)
Objective This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of dietary supplementation levels of rapeseed meal (RSM) in gestation diets on reproductive performance, blood profiles and milk composition of sows and performance of their progeny. Methods A total of 55 mixed-parity sows (Yorkshire × Landrace; average parity = 3.82) with an initial body(More)
Purpose This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary cashew nut testa (CNT) as an alternative feed ingredient to wheat bran on reproductive performance, litter performance, milk composition, and blood profiles of gestating sows. Methods Forth multiparous sows (Yorkshire × Landrace) were fed experimental diets starting at 35 days of(More)
Although growth rate is one of the main economic traits of concern in pig production, there is limited knowledge on its epigenetic regulation, such as DNA methylation. In this study, we conducted methyl-CpG binding domain protein-enriched genome sequencing (MBD-seq) to compare genome-wide DNA methylation profile of small intestine and liver tissue between(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was conducted to evaluate various wheat supplementation levels on growth performance, blood profiles, nutrient digestibility, and pork quality in growing-finishing pigs. METHODS A total of 120 growing pigs ([Yorkshire×Landrace]×Duroc), with an average 27.75± 1.319 kg body weight, were used in growth trial. Pigs were allotted into each(More)
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