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Emissions in East Asia for 1993 by administrative units and source types are estimated to support regional emission assessments and transport modeling studies. contribution is the highest for every species. The area sources are the most significant source type for SO x and NO x , but the fraction due to mobile source is highest for NO x. Major LPSs are(More)
Microlensing is the only technique likely, within the next 5 years, to constrain the frequency of Jupiter-analogs. The PLANET collaboration has monitored nearly 100 microlensing events of which more than 20 have sensitivity to the perturbations that would be caused by a Jovian-mass companion to the primary lens. No clear signatures of such planets have been(More)
We analyze PLANET photometric observations of the caustic-crossing binary-lens microlensing event, EROS BLG-2000-5, and find that modeling the observed light curve requires incorporation of the microlens parallax and the binary orbital motion. The projected Einstein radius (˜ r E = 3.61 ± 0.11 AU) is derived from the measurement of the microlens parallax,(More)
When the gravitational lensing potential can be approximated by that of a circularly symmetric system affected by weak perturbations, it is found that the shape of the resulting (tangential) caustics is entirely specified by the local azimuthal behaviour of affecting perturbations. This provides common mathematical groundwork for understanding the problems(More)
The lightcurve of PA-99-N2, one of the recently announced microlensing candidates towards M31, shows small deviations from the standard Paczy´nski form. We explore a number of possible explanations , including correlations with the seeing, the parallax effect and a binary lens. We find that the observations are consistent with an unresolved RGB or AGB star(More)
This paper provides a complete theoretical treatment of the point-mass lens perturbed by constant external shear, often called the Chang-Refsdal lens. We show that simple invariants exist for the products of the (complex) positions of the four images, as well as moment sums of their signed magnifications. The image topographies and equations of the caustics(More)
We present near-infrared (NIR) J and H surface photometry of 24 of the nearby Seyfert 1.8, 1.9 and 2 galaxies from the CfA Seyfert sample. The excellent angular resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) probes spatial scales as small as tens of parsecs in most of these AGN and is sensitive to the presence of nuclear bars and other potential signatures(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to estimate the effects of Inclear, a feminine cleanser, on sperm motility. METHODS Semen samples were obtained from infertile male patients. Following liquefaction, the raw semen samples were diluted with Ham's F-10 nutrient mixture medium containing 0.4% human serum albumin solution at a ratio of 1:3. The semen(More)
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