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As researchers continue to explore wireless sensors for use in structural monitoring systems, validation of field performance must be done using actual civil structures. In this study, a network of low-cost wireless sensors was installed in the Geumdang Bridge, Korea to monitor the bridge response to truck loading. Such installations allow researchers to(More)
In this study, ambient and forced vibration tests are proposed to evaluate dynamic characteristics of a caisson-type breakwater including natural frequencies and modal damping ratios, and the feasibility of numerical analysis model with fluid-structure-soil interaction effects, which plays an important role to evaluate structural performance and safety, is(More)
This paper represents the first effort in seismic fragility analysis of a structure using a structural analysis model developed on the basis of measured vibration data. An instrumented highway bridge is used to demonstrate the analysis procedure involving measuring ambient vibration, identifying modal parameters from the measured data, updating a(More)
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