Jin Hae Kim

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IscU is a scaffold protein that functions in iron-sulfur cluster assembly and transfer. Its critical importance has been recently underscored by the finding that a single intronic mutation in the human iscu gene is associated with a myopathy resulting from deficient succinate dehydrogenase and aconitase [Mochel, F., Knight, M. A., Tong, W. H., Hernandez,(More)
SUMMARY PONDEROSA (Peak-picking Of Noe Data Enabled by Restriction of Shift Assignments) accepts input information consisting of a protein sequence, backbone and sidechain NMR resonance assignments, and 3D-NOESY ((13)C-edited and/or (15)N-edited) spectra, and returns assignments of NOESY crosspeaks, distance and angle constraints, and a reliable NMR(More)
The Escherichia coli isc operon encodes key proteins involved in the biosynthesis of iron-sulfur (Fe-S) clusters. Whereas extensive studies of most ISC proteins have revealed their functional properties, the role of IscX (also dubbed YfhJ), a small acidic protein encoded by the last gene in the operon, has remained in question. Previous studies showed that(More)
In this paper, we present an analysis to identify a sensor location for an inertial measurement unit (IMU) on the body of a skier and propose the best location to capture turn motions for training. We also validate the manner in which the data from the IMU sensor on the proposed location can characterize ski turns and performance with a series of(More)
The structural mechanism by which Hsp70-type chaperones interact with Hsp40-type co-chaperones has been of great interest, yet still remains a matter of debate. Here, we used solution NMR spectroscopy to investigate the ATP-/ADP-dependent interactions between Escherichia coli HscA and HscB, the specialized Hsp70/Hsp40 molecular chaperones that mediate(More)
Drug-induced anaphylaxis is a big pitfall in patients receiving antineoplastic chemotherapy. We report a case of lung cancer patient who experienced two near-fatal anaphylactic reactions that resulted from paclitaxel and multivitamin, seperately. Recurrent severe reactions to different agents led to further investigation to which material the patient was(More)
Monoclonal gammopathy with undetermined significance (MGUS) carries a risk of progression to multiple myeloma, and progression is usually diagnosed with changes in M-protein or bone marrow biopsy. We report a case of 62-year-old female patient showing MGUS progression to multiple myeloma without significant changes in M-protein but diagnosed by kidney(More)
The prevalence of lung diseases caused by nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) is increasing worldwide. Unlike pulmonary tuberculosis, endobronchial NTM diseases are very rare with the majority of cases reported in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome. We reported a rare case of endobronchial(More)
IscU, the scaffold protein for the major iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis pathway in microorganisms and mitochondria (ISC pathway), plays important roles in the formation of [2Fe-2S] and [4Fe-4S] clusters and their delivery to acceptor apo-proteins. Our laboratory has shown that IscU populates two distinct, functionally relevant conformational states, a(More)
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