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Nucleophilic Hydroxylation in Water Media Promoted by a Hexa-Ethylene Glycol-Bridged Dicationic Ionic Liquid.
It was observed that hexaEG-DHIM promoter enhanced the nucleophilicity of water significantly in the reaction, and the hydroxylation reactions of base-sensitive and/or polar alkyl halide substrates proceeded highly chemoselectively in excellent yields. Expand
Task-specific hexaethylene glycol bridged di-cationic ionic liquids as catalysts for nucleophilic fluorination using potassium fluoride
Abstract A tailor-made di-cationic ionic liquid (DCIL), hexaethylene glycol (hexaEG) bridged bis(2-hydroxy-2-methyl-n-propylimidazolium) dimesylate (hexaEG-DtOHIM), was prepared in 94% yield. WeExpand