Jin Guo

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We report in this paper the observation of one tokenization per source. That is, the same critical fragment in different sentences from the same source almost always realize one and the same of its many possible tokenizations. This observation is demonstrated very helpful in sentence tokenization practice, and is argued to be with far-reaching implications(More)
BACKGROUND An Internet-based tele-operative robotic catheter operating system was designed for vascular interventional surgery, to afford unskilled surgeons the opportunity to learn basic catheter/guidewire skills, while allowing experienced physicians to perform surgeries cooperatively. Remote surgical procedures, limited by variable transmission times for(More)
Recently, transition metal oxides, such as ruthenium oxide (RuO2), manganese dioxide (MnO2), nickel oxides (NiO) and cobalt oxide (Co3O4), have been widely investigated as electrode materials for pseudo-capacitors. In particular, these metal oxides with mesoporous structures have become very hot nanomaterials in the field of supercapacitors owing to their(More)