Jin Gon Shon

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Fault tolerance is essential to the development of reliable mobile agent systems in order to guarantee continuous execution of mobile agents. For this purpose, previous work has proposed fault tolerant protocols for mobile agent execution based on stage construction. However, when previous protocols are applied to a multiregion mobile agent computing(More)
This paper proposes a restoration scheme based on mobility learning and prediction in the presence of the failure of mobility databases in personal communication systems (PCSs). In PCSs, mobility databases must maintain the current location information of users to provide a fast connection for them. However, the malfunction of mobility databases may cause(More)
An e-Portfolio, also known as an electronic portfolio, is a system for collecting and managing a traditional portfolio for a person by using information and communication technology (ICT). Analog to the traditional portfolio, it contains an “electronic” competency evidence of a person, assembled and managed for and by this person, or another(More)
Open Educational Resources (OER) is terminology that refers to educational resources (content and software) distributed through the Internet, free of charge and freely accessible, expanding learning opportunities for adult learners. This terminology first appeared around 2002, although its roots can be traced to the open architecture of the Internet. Until(More)
Internet of Things is one of most important IT trend and it is getting more popular in home automation fast. A message transmission system is important component in an IoT device for collecting data or send commands. Push protocol is light-weight and high productivity protocol than polling protocol, which is used in IoT devices widely. However, this push(More)
In order to narrow the learning divide, mobile learning should be provided to handicapped learners, especially to learners with visual impairment. However, in spite of development of the resolution and screen size of mobile devices, there are still many inconvenient factors. Among recent studies, there is a Proposal of Ahmed Rana and Four Startup Screen(More)