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—This paper proposes a restoration scheme based on mobility learning and prediction in the presence of the failure of mobility databases in personal communication systems (PCSs). In PCSs, mobility databases must maintain the current location information of users to provide a fast connection for them. However, the malfunction of mobility databases may cause(More)
Fault tolerance is essential to the development of reliable mobile agent systems in order to guarantee continuous execution of mobile agents. For this purpose, previous work has proposed fault tolerant protocols for mobile agent execution based on stage construction. However, when previous protocols are applied to a multiregion mobile agent computing(More)
An e-Portfolio, also known as an electronic portfolio, is a system for collecting and managing a traditional portfolio for a person by using information and communication technology (ICT). Analog to the traditional portfolio, it contains an “electronic” competency evidence of a person, assembled and managed for and by this person, or another(More)
e-Learning is an online education through computer networks, providing educational services by taking advantage of information technology. e-Learning has many advantages such as reduction of education costs, the benefits from repeated learning, customized education, and so on. However, it could be impossible to gain these benefits, unless components of the(More)