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AIM To evaluate the efficacy and safety of traditional Chinese surgical treatment for anal fistulae with secondary tracks and abscess. METHODS Sixty patients with intersphincteric or transsphincteric anal fistulas with secondary tracks and abscess were randomly divided into study group [suture dragging combined with pad compression (SDPC)] and control(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effects of Wenshen Jianpi Recipe (WSJPR, a traditional Chinese medicine for warming kidney and invigorating spleen) on chronic wound healing and the mechanism. METHODS Ninety-six SD rats were randomly divided into 4 groups, with 24 rats in each group, and back wound was made in the rats. For rats in 3 of the 4 groups, hydrocortisone(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Wenshen Zhuanggu Formula (WSZG), a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) empirical prescription, has been used to treat the patients with breast cancer bone metastasis as an adjuvant in clinical practice. To explore the anti-metastatic activity and potential mechanisms of WSZG-containing serum (WSZG-CS) on highly bone-metastatic(More)
In order to observe the clinical therapeutic effects of Yiqi Kaimi Prescription and biofeedback therapy on treating constipation with deficiency of spleen qi, the 30 cases in the control group were given oral administration of Yiqi Kaimi Prescription, in combination with anus-lifting exercise; the 30 cases in the treatment group were given biofeedback(More)
BACKGROUND Basic principles of clinical trials of nonpharmacologic treatment are similar to those of pharmacologic treatment, but its some special characteristics should be discussed. OBJECTIVE To explore the design characteristics of clinical surgery trial through the example of tunnel thread-drawing therapy for simple anal fistula. DESIGN, SETTING,(More)
Traditional Chinese medical case records in the previous dynasties are vital to the development of traditional Chinese medical theory, but the tremendous amount of data are far beyond a person's ability for comprehension. According to information science, traditional Chinese medical case record data are complicated and intricate experiential data. New(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and safety of thread-dragging through fistula method in treating patients with simple anorectal fistula. METHODS In this multi-centered, prospective, and randomized controlled clinical trial, 244 patients with simple low or high anorectal fistula were randomly divided into study group (with the method of thread-dragging(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was to develop an experimental rat model of subcutaneous fistula induced by bacteria infection and treat it with thread-dragging therapy. METHODS A spring-gauze was surgically implanted into 24 male Sprague-Dawley rats' dorsal muscles, respectively, then mixed Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli were injected into the(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the efficacy of Fuhuang Tablets in treating internal hemorrhoid hemorrhage and discussing the design and quality control of clinical trials of traditional Chinese medicine. METHODS According to two-center, randomized, blinded and controlled study, 144 patients with internal hemorrhoids were divided into 2 groups. Seventy-two patients(More)