Jin Gannaway

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A number of variables are important in controlling the exothermic reaction of cast materials. These reactions can reach temperatures capable of producing burns. The most important variables are plaster type, cast thickness, and the presence of externally applied materials, e.g., vinyl pillows. Moderately important factors are dip water temperature,(More)
The effects of warm saline and heparinized autogeneic blood injection on a rat sciatic nerve were observed by histologic, histochemic, and CT planimetry. Demonstrable intraneural degenerative changes and epineurial cellular proliferation were present in both groups. Hemosiderin deposits were present in the epineurium and intraneurally only in the blood(More)
Background The Financial Services Authority (FSA) leads the National Strategy for Financial Capability in partnership with Government, the financial services industry and the third sector. The strategy aims to improve the financial capability of the UK population. The results of the FSA's major financial capability survey 1 showed that in 2005, many UK(More)
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