Jin-Fa Chen

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A water budget model is proposed to estimate the infiltration, runoff, evapotranspiration and recharge in vadose zone and apply to a case study. The instantaneous redistribution of infiltrated water is assumed to be uniform and a linear relationship between evapotranspiration and effective saturation is imposed. Infiltration is described by Philip’s(More)
A thioacetohydrazide functionalized pillar[5]arene was synthesized, which could further assemble into a linear supramolecular metal-organic polymer upon adding Zn2+. Furthermore, the obtained linear supramolecular metal-organic polymer could self-assemble to form a fluorescent supramolecular metal-organic gel at high concentration. When TBAOH was added to(More)
In 2008, a new class of pillar-shaped supramolecular macrocyclic hosts was reported, known as "pillararenes". Their particular electron-rich cavity and the ease of their functionalization offer possibilities for the design and synthesis of novel fluorescent chemosensors. Subsequently, pillararene-based fluorescent sensors and probes have been rapidly(More)
A novel organic gelator (PZ) has been synthesized by rationally connecting a pillar[5]arene moiety and a bis(hexadecyloxy)phenyl functionalized acylhydrazone moiety. PZ could self-assemble into a supramolecular polymer and form a stable organogel (OPZ) in cyclohexanol by multi-self-assembly driving forces such as C-Hπ, ππ, vdW and hydrogen bonding(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy difference between multivariate acupuncture of chronomedicine and conventional acupuncture in the treatment of insomnia. METHODS Fifty cases were randomly divided into a multivariate acupuncture of chronomedicine group (group A) and a rountine acupuncture group (group B), 25 cases in each one. The acupoints selected were(More)
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