Jin Chung

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Vitamin D 3 up-regulated protein 1 (VDUP1) is a multifunctional protein involved in maintaining cellular homeostasis. VDUP1 is induced by a variety of stresses. Inversely, VDUP1 is often reduced in various tumor tissues and cell lines. Over-expression of VDUP1 inhibits cell proliferation through cell cycle arrest. VDUP1 interacts with thioredoxin (Trx) and(More)
Ultrasound (US) elastography is a valuable imaging technique for tissue characterization. Two main types of elastography, strain and shear-wave, are commonly used to image breast tissue. The use of elastography is expected to increase, particularly with the increased use of US for breast screening. Recently, the US elastographic features of breast masses(More)
The BMB Reports would like to correct in the reference of BMB Rep. 48(9), 531-536 titled "Gecko proteins induce the apoptosis of bladder cancer 5637 cells by inhibiting Akt and activating the intrinsic caspase cascade". The ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS should be corrected as follows, "This work was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea(More)
The rate of detection of thyroid nodules and carcinomas has increased with the widespread use of ultrasonography (US), which is the mainstay for the detection and risk stratification of thyroid nodules as well as for providing guidance for their biopsy and nonsurgical treatment. The Korean Society of Thyroid Radiology (KSThR) published their first(More)
A secreted MUC6 mucin is reported to be expressed highly in the stomach and gall bladder. In previous our study, the five minisatellites were identified and a significant association between MUC6-MS5 alleles and gastric cancer was reported. Because of aberrant MUC6 expression is often found in gastrointestinal diseases, we evaluated a relationship between(More)
Anti-tumor activity of the proteins from Gecko (GP) on cervical cancer cells, and its signaling mechanisms were assessed by viable cell counting, propidium iodide (PI) staining, and Western blot analysis. GP induced the cell death of HeLa cells in a dose-dependent manner while it did not affect the viability of normal cells. Western blot analysis showed(More)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) is an opportunistic pathogen that causes the relapse of illness in immunocompromised patients, leading to prolonged hospitalization, increased medical expense, and death. In this report, we show that PA invades natural killer (NK) cells and induces phagocytosis-induced cell death (PICD) of lymphocytes. In vivo tumor metastasis(More)
Targeted drug delivery has long been extensively researched since drug delivery and release at the diseased site with minimum dosage realizes the effective therapy without adverse side effects. In this work, to achieve enhanced intracellular uptake of anticancer drug carriers for efficient chemo-therapy, we have designed targeted multifunctional anticancer(More)
All living things share some common life processes, such as growth and reproduction, and have the ability to respond to their environment. However, each type of organism has its own specialized way of managing biological events. Genetic sequences determine phenotypic and physiological traits. Based on genetic information, comparative genomics has been used(More)
Aberrant expression of BORIS/CTCFL (Brother of the Regulator of Imprinted Sites/CTCF-like protein) is reported in different malignancies. In this study, we characterized the entire promoter region of BORIS/CTCFL, including the CpG islands, to assess the relationship between BORIS expression and lung cancer. To simplify the construction of luciferase(More)