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Information on rice growing areas and on rice growth conditions are necessary in rice monitoring programs and in studies on the emission of methane from flooded rice fields. The objective of this paper is to assess the use of ERS-1 SAR data to map rice growing areas and to retrieve rice parameters. The approach includes first a synthesis of experimental(More)
We propose an improved method to retrieve the effective constitutive parameters (permittivity and permeability) of a slab of metamaterial from the measurement of S parameters. Improvements over existing methods include the determination of the first boundary and the thickness of the effective slab, the selection of the correct sign of effective impedance,(More)
In a dense discrete random medium, the propagation and scattering of waves are affected not only by the individual properties of the particles such as size, shape, and permittivity, but also by group properties such as the statistics of relative particle positions and relative orientations. We use Monte Carlo simulations to investigate the interactions of(More)
( ) ABSTRACT: A new O N log N FFT-based method to expedite ( ) matrix ector multiplies in ol ing multile el block-Toeplitz MBT matrices is presented. The method is also a minimal memory method with ( ) O N memory requirements because only nonredundant entries of the MBT matrix are stored. The accuracy and con ergence of the method are illustrated in the(More)
A waveguide-based retrieval method for measuring complex permittivity and permeability tensors of metamaterials is presented. In the proposed scheme, multiple independent sets of scattering data for the material under test with different orientations are measured in the frequency range corresponding to the dominant TE(10) mode. The method is applied to(More)
We demonstrate that by utilizing displacement currents in simple dielectric resonators instead of conduction currents in metallic split-ring resonators and by additionally exciting the proper modes, left-handed properties can be observed in an array of high dielectric resonators. Theoretical analysis and experimental measurements show that the modes, as(More)
We show that the polarization states of electromagnetic waves can be manipulated through reflections by an anisotropic metamaterial plate, and all possible polarizations (circular, elliptic, and linear) are realizable via adjusting material parameters. In particular, a linearly polarized light converts its polarization completely to the cross direction(More)
We propose a method to retrieve the effective constitutive parameters of a slab of bianisotropic metamaterial composed of split-ring resonators from the measurement of the S parameters. Analytical inversion equations are derived for homogeneous loss-less bianisotropic media, and a numerical retrieval approach is presented for the case of lossy bianisotropic(More)
A Schiff base ligand bis(N-salicylidene)-3-oxapentane-1,5-diamine H2L have been prepared. Reaction of the shape-specific designed ligand with Ln(NO3)3⋅6H2O afforded three novel complexes, namely, Sm(L)(NO3)(DMF)(H2O) 1, [Eu(H2L)2(NO3)3]n2 and Tb2(L)2(NO3)23. The ligand and complexes were characterized by elemental analysis, UV-Vis, IR, NMR spectroscopy and(More)