Jimson Weed

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Jimson weed, a plant best known among adolescents and young adults for its hallucinogenic properties, grows as a wild herb in the United States. Ingestion of jimson weed produces the toxidrome of anticholinergic intoxication. Understanding and recognizing the classic signs and symptoms of anticholinergic intoxication can help clinicians evaluate persons(More)
A modified quantitative fit testing method has been developed for testing half masks using the TSI PortaCount respirator fit tester. This approach focuses on shortening the time for each exercise during fit testing; however, the shortened protocol is applied only to the very good-fitting masks. For marginal-fitting masks, the testing is carried out(More)
Overview: For this pilot project, a collection of 495 tags that were assigned to 7 images from the Indianapolis Museum of Art were categorized by at least two individuals using a matrix that describes the subject matter of an image on two axes. One axis describes specificity, or an individual’s depth of knowledge about the content of an image (Generic,(More)
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