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An Extension of Porter and Kramer's Creating Shared Value (CSV): Reorienting Strategies and Seeking International Cooperation
This paper improves the theory of creating shared value (CSV), a new way to achieve economic success, which was introduced by Porter and Kramer. First, this study provides four types of corporations
Korean Dramas and Films: Key Factors for Their International Competitiveness
Abstract The Korean wave, which is the popularity of Korean entertainment outside Korea, is a fairly new phenomenon. Encompassing Korean dramas, films, and songs, it has been highlighted by
There are voices in France advocating for a Korean-type screen quota system, seen as a key ingredient in Korean films’ success, and voices in Korea advocating for a French-type subsidy regime in
Why has Japan’s economy been staggering? A competitiveness perspective
  • Jimmyn Parc
  • Economics
    Competitiveness Review: An International Business…
  • 16 July 2018
Purpose Once one of the most prominent economies in the world, Japan is currently suffering from economic stagnancy. To revitalize the economy effectively, the core problems of Japan and its economy
The effects of protection in cultural industries: the case of the Korean film policies
This paper assesses whether Korean film policies, particularly protectionist ones, have been instrumental in the success of the Korean film industry. The conclusion is, surprisingly at a first
The Real Impact of Subsidies on the Film Industry (1970s–Present): Lessons from France and Korea
Many countries are becoming interested in developing their film industries as a way of promoting their national culture and increasing their soft power. With the continued global dominance of
Shifting corporate social responsibility to corporate social opportunity through creating shared value
Seoul Business School, Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies and Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea Paris School of
Wrestling with or Embracing Digitization in the Music Industry: The Contrasting Business Strategies of J-pop and K-pop
Digitization has significantly changed the process for producing and consuming music: from analogue to digital, albums to songs, possess to access, audio to visual, and end products to promotional
In Search of an Effective Trade Policy for the Film Industry: Lessons from Korea
This article explores which trade-related policies are effective – that is both economically and culturally sound – to promote the film industry that has recently been highlighted more due to its