Jimmy Summerlin

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A forward-transform method for retrieving brain labels from the 1988 Talairach Atlas using x-y-z coordinates is presented. A hierarchical volume-occupancy labeling scheme was created to simplify the organization of atlas labels using volume and subvolumetric components. Segmentation rules were developed to define boundaries that were not given explicitly in(More)
Results of 4 years of fertility/plasticulture studies (1998-2001) with muskmelons (cantaloupes) are briefly reported here. Plasticulture technology is very favorable for cantaloupe production. Under plant spacings compared in these studies, approximately the same number of fruits per plant was produced under all spacings, but number of fruits per unit area(More)
Radon-222, a naturally occurring radioactive noble gas, is often a contaminant in natural gas. During fractionation at processing plants, Radon tends to be concentrated in the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) product stream. Radon-222 decays into a number of radioactive metallic daughters which can plate out on the interior surfaces of plant machinery. The(More)
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