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Using a density gradient medium (Percoll) we succeeded in isolating homogeneous cell populations from the stromal-vascular fraction of the inguinal tissue of 3-day-old rats. In primary culture, in medium 199 supplemented with 10% fetal calf serum and 5.5 mM glucose, almost complete differentiation (90%) of these fractions was obtained for the first time in(More)
In preadipose cellular fractions (I, II and III) isolated by density gradient centrifugation from the inguinal tissue of young rats, we followed the activity of fatty acid synthetase, ATP citrate lyase and lipoprotein lipase during differentiation in culture. 1.5 nM insulin when added at confluence markedly induced the activity of ATP citrate lyase and(More)
The pharmacokinetic parameters of oral diphemanil methylsulphate have been evaluated in six healthy male volunteers. Absorption of the drug was slow (tmax=2 to 4 h), the mean half-life was 8.35 h, and the amount of the drug recovered in urine within 48 h ranged from 0.6 to 7.4% of the administered dose. The results suggest low bioavailability, assuming that(More)
The influence of dimeticone (Gel de Polysilane Midy) on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of oral ethyl biscoumacetate was studied in 6 healthy volunteers in a randomised single dose, two-way cross-over study. Each volunteer received at one week interval a single dose (300 mg) of ethyl biscoumacetate, either alone or with dimeticone. Ethyl(More)
We isolated from normal rat adipose tissue, by a Percoll-density-gradient procedure, two populations of adipocyte precursors. These preadipocytes undergo morphological and biochemical adipose conversion in primary culture. For full adipose conversion, these precursor cells, in addition to the adipogenic factor present in fetal-calf serum, require other(More)
A cellular compartment from brown adipose tissue (BAT) of newborn rats was isolated by Percoll-density-gradient centrifugation and was shown to proliferate and to undergo adipose conversion in vitro in primary culture. The features of the effector requirement for adipose conversion as well as the differentiated morphological and biochemical phenotype are(More)
A new galenic form of isosorbide dinitrate (consisting of a hydrophilic matrix which allows very slow release of the active drug) was studied from the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic view points in 11 patients with stable angina pectoris under betablocker therapy. After testing their sensitivity to nitrates with a sublingual trinitrin test causing a(More)
Using a density gradient medium, we isolated homogeneous cell populations from the inguinal tissue of 3-day old rats. In primary culture we obtained, for the first time, the differentiation of 99% of the cells in the presence of a physiological concentration of insulin (10(-9) M). This model closely mimicked the events occurring during normal mammalian(More)
The daily plasma level fluctuation is critical in the prevention of tolerance during long-term nitrate therapy. Two dosage regimens of sustained-release isosorbide dinitrate (ISDN) (60 mg tablet once daily vs 20 mg three times daily) were compared at steady state. Comparative bioavailability data of the two forms after single administration in 12 healthy(More)
Buflomedil (CAS 55837-25-7, Fonzylane) is a peripherally vasoactive drug which improves nutritional blood flow in ischaemic tissue of patients with peripheral vascular disease by the way of an increase of perfusion in the microcirculation. Ten hemodialysed patients with chronic renal failure treated with intravenous infusion of 400 mg of buflomedil during 4(More)