Jimmy Loizeau

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OBJECTIVES The purpose of this report was to determine whether the muscle powers and the mechanical energies developed during the push-off period of the gait cycle of patients having a total hip prosthesis were different from able-bodied subjects as well as the effect on the nonoperated limb. DESIGN Case control study. SETTING All patients where(More)
In this paper we describe the Iso-phone, a telecommunications concept providing a service that can be described simply as a meeting of the telephone and the floatation tank. By blocking out peripheral sensory stimulation and distraction, the Iso-phone attempts to create a telephonic space of heightened purity and focus. By presenting an everyday product in(More)
This paper describes a group of objects produced as a collaboration between designers and scientists/engineers. They explore an alternative approach to bringing robots into the domestic environment, exploring both the aesthetics and functionality that may elicit a symbiotic coexistence with humans in their homes. They are all based on the technology of(More)
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