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The Mauna Loa environmental matrix: foliar and soil nutrients
SummaryThe accumulation of total carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in soils, available soil nutrients, and foliar nutrients in the native dominant Metrosideros polymorpha were determined across a wideExpand
The Informational Role of Options Prices in China
The introduction of European style equity options in 2015 in China signaled a landmark moment in the development of its financial markets. We examine intraday implied volatility patterns and estimateExpand
Analyst Optimism and Stock Price Momentum
We examine the effect of security analyst recommendations on stock price momentum. Results show that momentum profits are directly linked to analyst optimism. Specifically, we find that a 1-unitExpand
Mobile outreach testing for COVID-19 in twenty homeless shelters in Toronto, Canada
The findings support testing of asymptomatic shelter residents for COVID-19 when a positive case is identified at the same shelter but suggest limited utility of testing all shelter residents in the absence of a known case. Expand
Risk-Shifting, Equity Risk, and the Distress Puzzle
Higher default probabilities are associated with lower future stock returns. The anomaly cannot be explained by strategic shareholder actions, traditional risk factors, characteristics, orExpand
Lost in Translation: Which Stock Prices Bear the Burden to Adjust to Exchange Rates?
We examine the role of competing exchanges to restore price parity following currency shocks during 2008, a year characterized by dramatic currency volatility. Burdens on the NYSE and home market toExpand
Price Discovery of Internationally Cross-Listed Stocks During the 2008 Financial Crisis
We examine 46 cross-listings characterized by varying degrees of order execution from Canada, Brazil, and Mexico onto the NYSE during 2008. We develop a measure of order execution advantage (OEA) andExpand