Jimmy Junming Peng

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This paper proposes a new interactive environment for learning the basics of electricity in series and parallel circuits using augmented reality (AR). The system allows the student to design and study electric circuits by placing symbolic cards representing resistors on a board. Then this board is overlaid by a 3D virtual circuit with its electrical(More)
With the recent realization of hybrid improper ferroelectricity and room-temperature multiferroic by tilt engineering, "functional" octahedral tilting has become a novel concept in multifunctional perovskite oxides, showing great potential for property manipulation and device design. However, the control of magnetism by octahedral tilting has remained a(More)
It has been well documented that long-term abuse of alcohol leads to dysfunction of multiple organ systems of the body. The liver, which is the primary organ responsible for alcohol metabolism, is also a major target for damage. Cirrhosis of the liver is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. The radiologist plays an important role in the(More)
The interplay between orbital, charge, spin, and lattice degrees of freedom is at the core of correlated oxides. This is extensively studied at the interface of heterostructures constituted of two-layer or multilayer oxide films. Here, we demonstrate the interactions between orbital reconstruction and charge transfer in the surface regime of ultrathin(More)
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