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We investigate the inside structure of one-dimensional reaction-diffusion traveling fronts. The reaction terms are of the monostable, bistable or ignition types. Assuming that the fronts are made of several components with identical diffusion and growth rates, we analyze the spreading properties of each component. In the monos-table case, the fronts are(More)
The notion of inside dynamics of travelling waves has been introduced in the recent paper [14]. Assuming that a travelling wave u(t, x) = U (x − c t) is made of several components υ i ≥ 0 (i ∈ I ⊂ N), the inside dynamics of the wave is then given by the spatio-temporal evolution of the densities of the components υ i. For reaction-diffusion equations of the(More)
Range expansion and range shifts are crucial population responses to climate change. Genetic consequences are not well understood but are clearly coupled to ecological dynamics that, in turn, are driven by shifting climate conditions. We model a population with a deterministic reaction-diffusion model coupled to a heterogeneous environment that develops in(More)
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